Does an Electronic Descaling System Really Work?

The simple and basic answer is yes. An electronic descaling system is better known by many as a salt-free water system. The name may be deceptive to the majority of people because the water is not actually softened. Softened water has all or most of the dissolved minerals removed. With an electronic descaling system, an electric charge is used to prevent minerals from being deposited in washing machines, dishwashers, and on the inside of water pipes. However, wherever water sits for any length of time, such as inside of a water heater, scale will still be able to form.

What Is Scale?

The scale that is formed by mineral deposits is known as lime scale. It is calcium carbonate in crystalline form. Calcium carbonate is quite unusual in its composition because it has several different forms, including:

1. Lime scale: Very hard and extremely difficult to break
2. Chalk: Crumbly and very soft
3. Marble: Brittle but extremely hard

Untreated water deposits of lime scale form as dentrices, long crystals which are thread-like in appearance. What makes them so difficult to break is that they weave themselves together. An electronic descaling system helps to prevent these formations.

How Are Water Softeners Different?

A standard type water softener runs the water through a section of resin beads. It is here that the magnesium and calcium molecules change places with molecules of sodium, resulting in soft water. Since the material that would normally form the scale has been removed, no evidence is left on your body or in the pipes.

The electronic descaling system leaves the minerals where they are. The electric charge that is created changes the structure of the crystals so that it takes much longer for scale to form. In areas where the water is permitted to flow freely no build-up of scale ever occurs. The water will still be termed “hard,” and in areas where free-flow is not possible a build-up will eventually occur. Water that has passed through this electromagnetic field in the electronic descaling system is considered to be “treated,” with effects lasting roughly three hours.

Noticeable Benefits of Installing an Electronic Descaling System

Once the system has been installed on your home or office, there are several benefits which will be obvious right away. Some common benefits include:

1. Water that feels softer
2. No slimy feeling to the water
3. Soap, shampoo, and detergents will lather more quickly and rinse away cleaner
4. Taste of the water will improve
5. There is no residue left on clothes and dishes
6. Hair and skin will be softer and less itchy

The difference that purchasing a system shows in your water will make the expense well worth it. People who are on restricted salt diets will also have no worries, making this the healthiest possible choice for your water.