Tips Boston, MA Residents Can Use to Keep Their Basement Free of Moisture

There is always the chance that a person could be forced to deal with a flooded basement. This is true no matter if the basement is entirely or partially underground. The following tips can help individuals avoid the inconvenience and health hazards that come with a flooded basement.

One of the first lines of defense against a leaky basement in Boston, MA is using sealants. Water often leaks through cracks in the concrete of the foundation. It is easy to stop this problem by using a special sealant that can be injected directly into the cracks, preventing moisture from seeping through. Many of these sealants offer warranties that last for several years. If the problem is not caused by a crack, a waterproof coating could help with condensation and dampness problems.

Gutters need to be maintained. If gutters are not cleaned on a regular basis, debris will build up and water can pour from the sides, causing the ground to become saturated. This excess water can eventually lead to a leaky basement in Boston, MA. Cleaning the gutters should be on every homeowner’s to-do list once spring begins. Installing gutter guards can also help to prevent leaves from falling into the gutters.

It is essential for downspouts to be properly placed in order to prevent dampness in a basement. Downspouts collect water from gutters, and disperse it into the ground. If they are not placed properly, this can allow water to pool around the home and leak into the basement.

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