Drug Treatment: 5 Questions to Ask to Help You Pick One

Enrolling yourself in a treatment program is an essential step to recovery. However, finding the right drug treatment in Sacramento can be a bit challenging. Here are questions to help you pick the right facility:

What do you want out of the treatment?

Some treatment programs are designed to simply help ease your dependency on a particular drug while some are aimed towards helping you achieve sobriety. Know what you want so you’ll know which programs can help you achieve the results you want.

Is there a waiting list?

Everyday Health says you’ll want to ask about this especially if you want to get into the program as soon as possible. If the wait list is too long, you’ll be better off looking elsewhere so you can get started on treatment right away.

What kind of programs are available?

Not all rehab facilities were made equal. Some might only offer outpatient treatment options. If you believe you’ll benefit more from a residential treatment program, you’ll want to look around for another facility for drug treatment in Sacramento until you find one that’s a good match for your needs.

Which program do you pick?

Carefully factor in your needs before you make a decision. For instance, how long have you been dependent on the drug? If you’re suffering from prolonged drug abuse, then a residential treatment option might be the best choice for you since it’s much more intensive all while cutting down access to drugs and possible triggers. If you can’t afford to take time off, though, an outpatient treatment program makes for a much better fit for you.

What’s my treatment plan?

Will family therapy be a part of it? What kind of activities will you participate in? Will those activities help you manage the addiction better, allowing you to return to the real world able to prevent relapses in the future? Find out.

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