Water Heater Replacement – Is It Time?

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Plumbing

Water heaters don’t last forever, even with proper maintenance and care. Over the years, your water heater will experience wear and tear that could eventually lead to a total breakdown. Unless you’re a fan of cold showers, you’ll need to deal with water heater replacement or repair. If your water heater seems like it’s on its last legs, for water heater replacement Alpharetta GA residents should find a reputable company to test the condition of your unit, and if necessary replace it. Beforehand though, here are some things you can check.

The following signs are a good indicator that water heater replacement may be in order.

Age of Your Appliance

Old water heaters will eventually cause more problems than they’re worth. If your water heater is 10 years old or older, you risk wasting money on repairs. Investing in a new water heater could help you avoid water heater problems in the near future. Many of the modern tankless water heater designs come with long lifespans and lifetime warranty against leakage.

Condition of Your Unit

If your water heater shows signs of corrosion or rust, particularly around valves and outlets, there’s a good chance your tank has rusted and needs replacing. Once a unit starts to corrode, leaks are soon to follow. Defective water heaters located inside a home pose the risk of water damage to your structure and personal belongings. If you think water heater replacement is expensive, consider the cost of repairing water damage to your property.

Poor Drainage

The older your water heater, the greater the chance of sediment buildup impeding water from draining properly within the tank. Sediment buildup can also damage your tank internally, causing leaks to develop. Leaks coming from the tank of a water heater are seldom repairable. By consulting a professional plumber, you can better determine if your unit should be replaced or repaired.

With water heater replacement Alpharetta GA residents can have greater assurance of receiving quality services to meet their hot water needs.

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