DUI Defense Attorneys From Springboro, OH

If you were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the Springboro, Ohio area, you need a criminal defense attorney who can help you preserve your rights and minimize the damage to your reputation and your family. DUI defense attorneys from Springboro, OH, can help you possibly get your charges diverted if it is your only DUI. If not or you have a previous DUI arrest, you’ll spent time in jail and pay a fine to the criminal court. Your driver’s license will be suspended for a period of time. When you’re eligible for reinstatement of your driving privileges, you’ll need your DUI defense attorneys in Springboro, OH, to represent you in your reinstatement hearing. You’ll pay a high rate for automobile insurance, and you’ll be required to file a statement of financial responsibility. Your car insurance rates will probably be three times higher than your insurance rate prior to arrest, and you’ll have a criminal record.

Wet Reckless Charges

Your DUI defense attorneys in Springboro, OH, may be able to get your DUI charges reduced to a wet reckless charge to enable you to drive to and from work, doctor appointments, and mandatory counseling or substance abuse classes on a restricted hardship driver’s license. You may be required to drive with an ignition interlock device attached to your steering wheel.

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