Treating the Earth and Body Better With Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The idea of using eco-friendly cleaning products has quickly risen, taking up more room on store shelves. Are these products really any better for the environment, and work investing in?

Hazards of Cleaning Chemicals

Conventional cleaners are full of chemicals that research is continually learning are bad for your health. Not only that but the run-off goes into water tables, soil, and the air. All of these sources of leaching alters and pollutes the earth.

Many of these chemicals are also derived from petroleum and other substances. When these are produced it releases additional toxins. For instance, everyone knows how much pollution petroleum extraction generates. These products only perpetuate the continued dependence on petroleum.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are derived from plant products, so their production is much better for the environment.

Reducing the Impact of Shipping

Convention cleaning products are also considerably heavy, mainly attributed to water in the cleaner. If you remove the water, you eliminate most of that weight.

Some of the best eco-friendly cleaners ship in a concentrated form, allowing you to add water later on. This allows more of the product to ship more quickly, reducing the carbon footprint for transporting the cleaner.

Cleaning Up the Air

Conventional cleaning products release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are hazardous to human health, and also effects appliances like furnaces. When you spray a cleaner, these compounds aerosolize and can stay in the air for hours at a time. These can be inhaled and also settle on sensitive parts of your heating system.
Eco-friendly options do not contain VOCs. This makes them better for your health as well as better for your home.