Effects of Drugs on the Brain

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Drugs can have varying effects on brains. There are certain drugs/medications which are beneficial and which help individuals with various problems such as mood or anxiety issues. Other drugs, like recreational drugs especially, can cause damage to the brain. There are different classes of recreational drugs.

Once drug, called Alcohol (yes, it is a drug too), is the most widely used drug in the world. Alcohol can cause and do severe damage to the brain, In fact, alcohol, can have an adverse effect on every organ system in the body (except the kidneys). Drugs of abuse can cause alterations in the neurotransmitters or chemical messengers in the brain. This can and does lead to problems with depression and anxiety. Also, the brain may not react as predicted with certain drugs and drugs. Such a reaction may have an opposite effect as one might have expected. For example, in certain cases, sleeping medications can have an opposite reaction and may even keep people awake, instead of causing sleep. Sleep medications, also known as Hypnotics, can cause sleep walking and even sleep driving. Other drugs can change the chemistry of the brain, so that a person will eventually not feel good or normal unless they resume their use of that drug.

Drugs like amphetamines (Crystal Meth) and even Cocaine are some of the ones that can cause problems like this. Drugs like opiate pain medications can increase the number of opiate receptors in the brain, so a person can develop a high tolerance to opiates and then, may have severe withdrawal symptoms when they don’t take the usual high dose of opiates on a regular and daily basis. Some drugs, which can cause intoxication, can be very dangerous, especially if used while driving or operating some machinery. For that reason, it’s important to not drive within a reasonable time of drinking alcohol or consuming recreational drugs.

Finally drugs like marijuana are associated with long-term breathing problems as well as problems with causing low motivation for the person who uses marijuana on a heavy or chronic basis.

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