Wedding Invitation Embellishments to Add Class

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Weddings

Choosing invitations for your wedding can be a complicated process. Deciding what features are appropriate for your wedding’s theme can be daunting, but most embellishments can be broken down into a few categories. Add class to your marriage invitation cards with one or more of these options.

Lace Cutouts

Any cutouts on your invitations will elevate them some, but lace cutouts create a classy effect that gives your invitations a sort of softness and a bit of feminine touch. Lace cutouts are when pieces of the invitations overlay are cut out to create a lacy peek-a-boo effect through the paper. This invitation embellishment is popular in traditional-style weddings of all kinds. Use it as an overlay on your entire invitation or simply cover portions of the card for a little elegant mystery.

Gold or Silver Foil

Adding foils to your invitations gives them an extra pop of metallic color that will make them stand out among all the other June weddings your guests have surely been invited to. Modern brides and grooms might choose to print their names or wedding date in gold or silver foil, while marriage invitation cards for traditional cultural weddings might feature silver mandalas or golden depictions of beloved deities.


Embossed invitations add extra dimension to your invitations with a textured image or pattern that sticks out three-dimensionally from the rest of the paper. Feature your names or a significant design element by making it pop. Embossed elements are created by pressing a die into the paper to create a smooth, crisp dimensional effect.

Any one of these elements adds a layer of class to your marriage invitation cards that will make your celebration stand out from the crowd. Combine two, or even all three, for an invitation that exudes elegance with a dash of pizazz and lets all your guests know that you’ve spared no expense on the ultimate celebration. For more details Click Here.

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