Email and Text Marketing Services – Reach Your Prospects and Customers Effectively

As a business owner or business professional, the ability to exchange information with your contacts in an efficient manner can be quite valuable. Through the use of email and text marketing services you can propagate your messages with speed and efficiency. Both methods of marketing are effective and highly useful for extending your reach to prospects and customers. Obtaining mobile phone numbers can be easier than accessing email addresses of prospective clients. However, obtaining these phone numbers can help you take advantage of the power of text message marketing.

Your Target Market

You can access your marketplace effectively through the use of email and text marketing capabilities. When you build a database of leads you can use for long-term marketing purposes, you have a powerful marketing resource at your fingertips. Once you have leads and consumers in your database, it’s important to understand how to contact your list to maximize business opportunities.

Email Marketing

With a list of email contacts at your fingertips, you can organize a regular email marketing campaign that initiates engagement with your leads and current customers. There are various email marketing strategies you can use, including the process of sending out a recurring series of emails on certain days of the week.

The types of messages you can send through texting your prospects include the following:

Basic Text Messages

You can use a standard text message to update your prospects concerning your services, products and other information about your business. By pre-scheduling these messages during a particular week or throughout the month, you can use a process called drip marketing to maximize engagement and ROI. It has been reported that as many as nine out of 10 text messages are read.

GEO Targeted Marketing

An effective tool for targeting potential customers in your local area is a service referred to as GEO marketing. You can use these messages to send your customers particular offers that are tailored to their needs.

Other Text Messages

Additional text marketing messages you may consider using include surveys, contests, and polls. The feedback you obtain from these messages can help you enhance your future marketing efforts and choose what to offer your audience.

By using email and text marketing effectively, you can position your business in a more advantageous position in the marketplace.

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