Post Surgery Sports Bra Options to Help You Remain Active

It’s not necessary to give up your favorite sport or other athletic endeavor simply because you have had a mastectomy procedure. You can continue enjoying your favorite sport or activity in a comfortable manner after your surgery and after you are strong enough for physical activity by wearing a post surgery sports bra. These bras offer many benefits and their various brands of bras available to match your unique preferences.

What a Mastectomy Sports Bra Does
For those who wish to remain active after breast cancer surgery, a sports bra designed for post surgery patients is ideal. These bras are manufactured to hold the breast and a prosthetic breast in place while you perform a range of activities and exercises. Bra sizing is important and so is comfort level when determining the type abroad to purchase. It’s also important for the bra to remain in place when you are moving during exercise. A post surgery sports bra must fit snugly and comfortably while allowing you freedom of movement. These bras may have a tighter fit then you are accustomed to with other bras.

Bra Size
Obviously, your bra size may change to a certain degree after your mastectomy surgery. It’s important that your bra fits your breast prosthesis just right. As well, the bra should match well with your cup size and conform to your body comfortably. You don’t want bra that is too loose or too tight. A loose bra will not provide the support you need to hold your breast prosthetic and a very tight bra will be uncomfortable.

Selection Tips
It’s important that you adjust your bra straps when you were sports bra so that your prosthesis is positioned halfway between the elbow and the shoulder. You don’t want your bra to be too high or too low. A professional who understands mastectomy bras and how they fit, can help give you advice on choosing a bra that fits your body in a comfortable manner.

If you are recovering from a mastectomy and desire to continue physical exercise, it’s important to find a well designed and constructed post surgery sports bra that allows you to get right back into those sports and exercise routines.

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