Evaluating A Store Franchise Opportunity

There are many different options for storage in most communities and cities. These vary from the do-it-yourself units, typically known as self-storage, to bonded warehouses most commonly used by large corporate moving companies managing international relocations.

In between these two, there are storage franchise options. These types of storage facilities offer the benefits of being associated with recognized moving, cleanout and estate sales companies. In fact, the top franchise opportunities for storage are often one of the revenue streams for these companies, allowing the owner to take advantage of all aspects of the service for customers and clients.

Marketing Advantages

When the storage franchise is associated with moving, clean out and estate sale companies, there is always an in-house market created when any other service is requested. People who are downsizing, elderly individuals, moving to nursing homes or assisted living facilities, or family members trying to manage an estate sale after the death of a loved one will often require additional storage.

For these groups, as well as for landlords managing cleanouts, working with a trusted service for moving as well as storage is a natural option. Hiring one company rather than working with two or three services streamlines the process and makes life easier for the customer.

What to Consider

When buying into a storage franchise, there are several factors to consider. Look carefully at the amount required for the initial investment, the royalties the franchise will earn, as well as the reputation of the franchise both with other franchisees as well as with customers.

Top franchise services will have a solid reputation for supporting franchisees, particularly as they are working to become established in the community. They also assist with training, marketing, and management, providing the path to success for those operating one of their franchises.

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