Excellent Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness After a Workout

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Health

After a massive workout, it’s not uncommon to wake up feeling exhausted, sore, and achy throughout the body. That feeling is known as delayed onset muscle soreness and it most often starts one to three days after a heavy workout or training session. There are many ways to relieve the pain associated with muscle overuse, including a hot oil massage in Palm Harbor.


A massage is an exceptional way to bring your body back to its best. If your muscles are achy or tight after workout, it can lead to lowered circulation in that area of the body. Dropping in for a post-workout massage is one way to alleviate the problem. The massage will help to increase blood flow in the muscles that you used, which can help eliminate and prevent soreness. With the addition of hot oil to your massage, your muscles get a double dose of attention. The hot oil is also capable of relaxing your muscles.

Foam Rolling

Another option for preventing or alleviating this type of pain is through foam rolling. Studies show that foam rolling after strength training helps reduce muscle tenderness. All you need to do is take the foam roller and move it up and down a muscle, then back and forth. You should pause when you reach areas that seem abnormally tight. This can help lengthen, relax, and loosen up the connective tissues and muscles that you used during training. One of the perks of this option is you can do it on your own, but doing so properly may take some experience.

Ice Packs

You may be aware that ice baths have been used for ages to help relieve muscle aches and inflammation. A new option, called cryotherapy, is another option that uses the benefits of the cold to prevent excess aches and pains when exercising hard. However, when it comes to simple, nothing works like an old-fashioned ice pack. Simply applying an ice pack for a few minutes on sore muscles a few times a day can prevent muscles from aching and allow the pain to dissipate so you can continue training.

At Palace Spa, we offer hot oil massage in Palm Harbor and would be happy to assist in bringing you relief from an intense workout session. You can reach us at www.PalaceSpaFL.com to learn more or set up an appointment.

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