What To Consider When Purchasing An Anatomy Brain Model For A Classroom

In classroom teaching at any level, having models and visual aids to help students see the body part and how it is related to other systems in the body is a critical part of learning.

Different model companies offer different options in all systems and full body types of models, including specialized, focused models of different body parts and systems. Having an anatomy model specific to the body part can be very helpful for creating highly engaging lectures and to assist with student learning at any educational level.

One of the often-used options in models in an anatomy class is the model of the brain. There are several anatomy brain model options, and having more than one type of model may be very helpful in discussing different structures within the brain.

Full Head

A full head anatomy brain model can include the base of the skull only, the dura matter in position in the head or all components of the brain and the base of the head. These are helpful to allow students to see how the components of the brain are positioned in relation to the skull as well as to each other.

This is an ideal basic introduction to anatomy type of model. However, it is also versatile enough to be used in more advanced classes and with more specific detail.

Anatomical Sectional Models

Advanced classes on brain anatomy will benefit from the use of the sectional anatomy brain model. This is a model that offers the brain in cross section moving from the base of the next to the top of the skull. This is very similar to the images which will be used in MR imaging, but they provide a clear, color-coded look at the systems and structures within the brain in complete detail.

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