Experienced Residential and Commercial Recycling Company in San Antonio TX

Over twenty-years in recycling helps a Recycling Company in San Antonio TX become efficient, able to keep prices low, and have the capacity to meet any type of residential or commercial need. Being environmentally-friendly cannot get any easier. The company delivers recycling bins to the home or business and sets up a schedule for pickup that suits the needs and preferences of the customer.


A small family, for example, may only need to have bins emptied one time a month. That schedule saves the family money on collection fees and saves the company time. A large factory that operate for three shifts a day will require collection services at least once a week, if not more. That schedule can be arranged to avoid bins overflowing with recyclable items. Scheduling can also be adjusted as needed for special events or times when a business may have much more paper than usual.

Helping to Keep Pricing Low

Customers can help a Recycling Company in San Antonio TX keep collection fees low by taking care to only include items in the bins that can be recycled. This drastically reduces the time and staff needed to sort through bins keeping overhead costs under control. Plastics can be the most confusing items to recycle because containers have different numbers on them. These numbers are found in the center of the recycling symbol. Any container with a number one through seven can be recycled.

Glass bottles, aluminum cans, and steel tin containers are all accepted. Most all types of paper are accepted except paper towels, facial tissue, packing materials, and drink containers that are wax-coated. Serving and eating utensils made out of plastic, paper, or Styrofoam are not recyclable so place those in the trash and not into recycle bins.

People with any questions regarding what can and cannot be recycled can visit Tigersanitation.com for complete details. Doing your part to save the planet is easy, inexpensive, and beneficial to everyone. Join with neighbors and businesses in the area to make a difference and reduce the carbon footprint. This and future generations thank you for the effort. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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