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The availability of garbage disposal in your kitchen will make food preparations and cleaning up a lot easier for you. These disposals are usually located underneath a sink drain and have a chopping type of mechanism, which chews up scraps of food fed down that particular drain.

When using the Garbage Disposal in Waterloo, IA, you will need to run water from the kitchen sink. This is because the water will wash down the food particles chopped by the blade, which is usually located inside the disposal unit. These disposal units have a mechanism that forcibly pushes the food particles and the water down the drain.

If shopping for a Garbage Disposal in Waterloo, IA, you will find other units that use electric motors to perform the grinding and draining tasks. However, you can still choose an appliance that relies on the force of water to do the same tasks. The latter is a preferable choice if there is no force outlet on the market. Once you buy this appliance, taking good care of it will extend its existence meaning it can last for many years without giving you any problems.

Below are a few pointers on how you can operate your Garbage Disposal in Waterloo, IA to prolong its life.

1. Ensure proper drainage by running water before and after grinding food in the unit. In case there is no proper drainage, the food particles that will be trapped inside the unit might start to decay and create an unpleasant smell in your kitchen.

2. Use cold water to grind the food within the disposal. If the foods have any fats and you use hot water, the fat will melt due to the hot water, travel through the pipes while cooling, and ultimately solidify. In turn, this will cause a blockage.

3. If you are environment-friendly, avoid using chemicals like bleach or drain cleaners. In fact, these chemicals will not only harm the environment but may also damage the disposal’s operational functions.

4. Avoid putting uncooked pasta, rice, coffee grounds, fibrous vegetables, and bones in the garbage disposal. This will decrease the operating capacity of that particular appliance.

5. Should anything get stuck inside the disposal unit, never use your hands in an attempt to remove the item as the blades on the inside may cause injury. Instead, you can use tongs to remove the item. If you are unable to get this done, hire a Garbage Disposal in Waterloo, IA professional to help.

6. If the unit is emitting some bad smell or does not smell fresh, feed fresh lemon juice down the drain while the hot water is running. Alternatively, you could crush some ice cubes, add some salt and baking soda and feed the mixture down the drain when the water is still running. You can also combine the two methods to neutralize the odors effectively.

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