Explore The Options With Ruthless Vapor Juice

When it comes to different flavors of e-juice, there is a certain type or style of e-liquid that defines or identifies a top company. With the selections of Ruthless Vapor Juice, there is not just a lot of thought that goes into creating great flavors and taste sensations, but there is a lot that goes into the design and the look of the bottle itself.

All of the Ruthless Vapor Juice flavors come in a set vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio that is designed to enhance the vaping experience. Higher VG percentages give a thicker, denser vape and a slightly naturally sweeter and smoother flavor.

The PG is in the mix to add that throat hit, but it is never harsh or extreme. PG itself has no flavor but acts to allow the other flavors to come to the front in the vaping experience. Of course, vapers will be able to choose their own nicotine levels to suit their vaping preferences.

Cooling Experience

There are several unique options with Ruthless Vapor Juice that are going to be a bit different than other nicotine juices on the market. One of these is the EZ Duz It Ice variety that offers a wonderful mixture of strawberry and watermelon with a nice hint of menthol to give that cool taste.

This is a terrific vape anytime, but it is a particularly good option for summer vaping and taking life easy. It is one of those flavors that you can vape all day and keep coming back to time and time again.

Something Very Different

One of the most interesting looking e-juice bottles anywhere belongs to Ruthless Vapor Juice, and specifically to their La Dolce Vita flavor. If this sounds exotic it really is, and the black bottle with the ornate gold calligraphy and the unique pump drip bottle makes it a conversation piece as well as a great flavor profile.

The mixture of the flavor combination in this offering by Ruthless Vapor Juice is very different than anything else on the market. True to its Italian name, this is flavor that will have you imagining you are enjoying a bowl of pistachio gelato.

For those not familiar with gelato, this is creamy Italian ice-cream like dessert, and the combination in the Ruthless Vapor Juice hits the flavor perfectly. This is an amazing creamy, nutty, slightly sweet vaping experience that is a perfect option any time of the day.

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