The Importance Of Including History In Corporate Publications

Corporate publications are critical marketing pieces to inform your customers and future customers what your company is all about. But, it’s not just the present and future that they should know about, it’s the past as well. Many companies omit their history from their corporate publications without realizing what a mistake it is.

Before a customer can truly understand your company, your brand and your goals, they must also understand where you’ve come from. That is, what is the reason for the company’s inception? Has your target audience changed over the years? What propels the company forward? Are there any awards won in the past that will give customers a glimpse into the future?

When potential customers and clients have a clear picture of the past, present and future of a company, they are more likely to do business with that company. Whether its inception was 5 years ago or 150 years ago, the past can have a huge impact on a consumer’s buying decision.

Part of the reason consumers want to know about a company’s past is because they need to know they’ll be there in the future. An up-and-coming company does not always build trust with a consumer because they don’t know that the business will still be running next week, next month, or even tomorrow.

Professional Archivists

Letting people know about your history as a company is not just listing facts and numbers. There is much more to it than that. It’s about weaving your story into your mission, your brand and your products. It’s about engaging your customers and building trust. That’s why a professional archive company is always a good choice when you’re including history in corporate publications.

Telling Your Story

When you hire a professional archive company, they will sit down with you and your executive team and discuss the direction that the company is going, where it was and what major milestones the company has gone through over the years. They will gather all of the information and create a powerful, engaging corporate publication that you will be proud to display and distribute.
It isn’t always easy to tell your story and there are things you may not even think are important. That’s why professionals are so important. They will ask the right questions in order for you to think a certain way or remember things you may have forgotten about the company.

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