Fact-Finding and Your Accident Lawyer in Marana, AZ

When you retain an Accident Lawyer in Marana, AZ and file a personal injury claim, you may not fully understand what this type of case involves. In fact, many are surprised when they learn about discovery and fact finding, yet this is an important part of the case. Both sides are required to provide the other side with all documents and facts relevant to the case before it goes to trail, and this process may occur in one of three ways or it may be a combination of these ways. Understand this process before going forward.

Interrogatories involve the asking of questions and often involve pre-printed forms, although there are situations where the questions will be specific to your case. These are referred to as special interrogatories, and you have the right to object to questions, therefore they should be completed in the presence of your attorney. In addition, you may be asked to complete a request for admission, a process in which you affirm or deny facts as they relate to the case. Penalties may be imposed if the questions aren’t answered, are answered late, or if you lie.

Many have heard of depositions. These are sworn statements taken in the presence of attorneys and a court reporter. A deposition may take an hour or it may take weeks. The deposition locks you into your story, allows you to learn what others parties to the lawsuit say, and tells your attorney how you will hold up at trial. You should never guess in a deposition or explain things. Short answers are best and should only address the question asked.

Any documents relating to the case must also be exchanged. This is self-explanatory. The court does now allow computer files, especially in complex lawsuits, as the paperwork could become overwhelming otherwise.

Everything typically comes out during this process, so keep this in mind when deciding if you wish to move forward with your claim. The process can be time-consuming, frustrating, and more, so factor this in also. If you lie, you could not only lose your case, but you could face penalties. For this reason, you must share all information with your Accident Lawyer in Marana AZ, allowing him or her to judge the merits of the case and whether or not you should proceed. The attorneys at Price and Price Law will be happy to explain this process further, if questions remain.

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