When To Call A Termite Control Company in San Diego

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Pest Control Products

When you are looking to buy or sell a home, there is going to be an inspection to make sure the house is in tip-top shape. One of the things the inspector will look for is whether or not the house has an infestation of termites. To check this out before the inspectors come, there are a couple of ways to tell if you are dealing with an infestation and might need to call a Termite Control Company in San Diego. If you are dealing with Drywood Termites, the number one sign of an infestation is small piles of waste that will look a bit like tiny pellets all over the house. These pellets are showing you where the termites are eating and where they have nested. The areas that have been fed upon also tend to look as though they are water damaged. The walls and floors will sag when an infestation is present as well. Another big tip-off, when talking about drywood termites is when they shed their wings. If you have winged termites in your house, they will eventually shed their wings, and these will pile up around the nest. The wings will look a bit like fish scales.

If you see something like this in your home, it is time to call in the professionals for help.Some people will think they don’t need to worry about termites because their house isn’t made primarily of wood. The problem is, these little pests tend to be pretty industrious when it comes to finding food. The bugs can get through brick and siding to get into your home, and then will find whatever wood is around in order to start making a nest and feeding. This means the bugs will move to the kitchen or bedrooms or wherever they can find a good abundance of their food source. Once they are there, it will be incredibly hard to get them out, and if they stay too long, you will fail the inspection. This is why the first sign of infestation means you need to call a termite control company in San Diego.

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