Finding a Residential or Commercial Roofer in Hendersonville

The roof is the key to keeping a structure, people, and belongings safe from the elements, secure from wildlife, warm, and sheltered. Whether the roof is a pitched or metal one on a home or a flat one on a business, it is often neglected because it is forgotten. The roof is like an elevator in that no one thinks of it until there is a problem. Leaks, missing shingles, bird or rodent nests, and debris can cause severe damage before property owners remember to call a roofer in Hendersonville for an inspection, assessment, or preventative repairs.

Storm Damage

Even if the roof is inspected annually, it needs to be inspected after a major storm. Winds are stronger, rain is torrential, and snow remains for longer and longer. Hail is relentless and is getting larger in size due to climate changes. This simple maintenance practice can save owners substantial amounts of money.

Minor repairs are not expensive if taken care of quickly. If owners are unaware of damage, a minor issue becomes a major one fast. A gutter section in the back of the house may be dented or slightly separated from the house. One powerful storm can tear that entire section down. That can lead to water damage in the attic, siding, windows, support beams, and the foundation.


The best roofer in Hendersonville is an experienced one who has been factory trained. Inspecting a roof, assessing damage, making repairs, or tackling the installation of a new roof requires knowledge, precision, and attention to detail. Those skills are not honed overnight. Property owners consider themselves fortunate if a company has been in business for twenty or thirty years. Seeking experience over the cheapest pricing will be most cost-effective in the long term.

One local company has been serving the area since 1889, which is one-hundred and thirty-years. It has been handed down for generations, and continuing education for employees is a focus to keep services, materials, and techniques updated. Flat commercial roofing, for example, is now available in a multitude of materials to suit different climates and needs. If you cannot remember the last time the roof was inspected, go to to schedule one now.

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