Common Applications For A Pneumatic Tamper

When tamping down the soil on a construction site, workers rely on a pneumatic tamper. Depending upon the model, this handle and mushroom-shaped foot tool provide the necessary force requisite for compressing or compacting the soil. Available in diverse models, offered in different sizes and accompanied by varying degrees of vibration, it is possible to select the right tamper for most applications.

Common Applications

Utility and construction companies find many uses for pneumatic tampers. Landscapers and building renovators also may require this piece of equipment. Depending upon the level of vibration the tool emits, common applications include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Small restoration work around stopcocks and water meters
  • Handling narrow trench work common for cable companies
  • Compacting a variety of ground cover including tarmacadam and asphalt
  • Close quarter work such as those required for street fittings, close to walls and utility poles
  • Backfilling in small areas
  • Providing safe compaction where the objects in its vicinity are fragile. This includes pipes and meters
  • Compressing soil close to foundations ranging from domiciles to factories to barns

This tool is ideal for compacting various types of soil as well as concrete and asphalt. How apt it is for a project depends upon a variety of factors, including the delicacy of the operation and the fragility of any structure close to the tamping operation. When in doubt, talk to experienced professional suppliers. They can provide you with your best options for back-fill tamping or concrete dressing.

Purchasing a Pneumatic Tamper

Landscapers, utility companies and construction projects often require the digging and excavating of holes. Some are only temporary; others require refilling close to the inserted or constructed object. In all such instances, the best way to restore the surface of the earth, tarmac or other material to a certain standard is to use a pneumatic tamper.

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