Finding An Experienced Lawyer For Social Security Disability In Austin

People who are no longer able to work due to disability often assume that the process to apply for Social Security Disability is a simple one. In fact, most applications in Austin, as well as those from around the country, have some type of error, documentation issue, or application problem that leads to an initial denial.

The single easiest way to ensure the application is processed without delay or a denial is to use a lawyer for Social Security Disability. These attorneys have experience in the Social Security Administration process, which allows them to quickly spot issues that can result in denials and processing delays.

Finding the best lawyer for Social Security Disability should be a priority, particularly if there has been a denial of the original application. Often individuals, even with what appears to be qualifying health issues are denied, and trying to represent yourself through the appeals process is always a challenge.

Look for Specialized Law Firms

Law firms specializing in Social Security Disability representation are always the best place to start. While some general practice attorneys may provide Social Security Disability representation, they do not have the ongoing, case by case dealings with the agency to determine the issues that are impacting your application.

Always take the time to talk to a lawyer for Social Security Disability before submitting your initial application, and certainly as soon as possible if you receive a denial letter. There is a timeline for submitting documentation and responding to a denial, and failing to meet the deadline can limit your ability to in the appeal process.

Ask the law firm in Austin to provide you with an overview of their Social Security Disability work. While they cannot provide details of cases, they can indicate the number of cases per year they handle and their percentage of positive cases in winning on appeal.

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