Questions to Ask Interior Designers for Washington D.C. Remodel Projects

by | May 30, 2019 | Interior Designer

Hiring an interior decorator or designer is a simple way to ensure your Washington D.C. home renovation project results in the perfect living space for your family. The hiring of interior designers should be preceded by a careful review process to ensure the professional you select is the right match for your project.

Many people choose an interior designer based on a recommendation from a friend or because they saw the individual’s work in a publication or on the web. Any of these are terrific starting places, but there are additional factors to consider when choosing interior designers.

Communication and Input

As with any type of professionals, interior decorators often have their own particular preferences when working with clients. As the client, you need to choose a professional that matches your expectations for how communication and input must occur between you two throughout the project.

If you want the designer to take your basic idea and work on their own, this should be explained and agreed upon before hiring them. In the same way, if you want to be very involved in the decisions made throughout the process, this should also be clear and agreed upon.

Design Styles

In the Washington D.C. area, most of the professional firms and interior designers are known for signature elements in their designs. This may be a specific material they like to incorporate, a particular style of design they favor, or a look that is iconic and immediately recognizable as their work.

Reviewing past projects and talking to the designer about inspiration and ideas for the project can help you know how they approach any type of job.


Most people have a specific budget for their home renovation or remodeling project. Being open with the interior designer about the budget is critical and allows the professional to evaluate the options for the design to stay within this budget limit.

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