Finding Designer Goods at Resale Stores in New York City: 3 Tips You Need to Know

If you live in New York City, shopping resale stores can be a great way to find designer goods at amazing prices. Still, if you want to find great deals on high-end clothing, handbags or accessories there are a few things to keep in mind as you shop. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re getting a good deal at Resale Stores in New York City.

Choose Your Resale Shops Wisely

There are literally hundreds of resale stores in the New York City area, and not are all created equal. It’s worth your while to find knowledgeable, experienced resale sellers who can recognize quality goods and will price them fairly. At reputable resale shops like sitename, you’ll be able to find a variety of designer goods that are guaranteed to be 100% authentic by the seller. Avoid shops that don’t offer return policies, don’t guarantee the authenticity of their items or don’t have an established web presence.

Always Try It On

Even if you’re confident that a designer item in a resale shop will fit you perfectly, make sure to try it on first. Why? Frequently, second-hand high-end clothing has been tailored to fit the previous owner. Even if a similar item by the same designer has fit you perfectly before, the alterations made to a gently-used article of clothing can make a fit uncertain. If you’re purchasing items online from Resale Stores in New York City, make sure the seller has a return policy before you commit to buying.

Know Your Designers

When buying designer labels second-hand, there’s always a possibility that you–or the store owner–could be fooled by an expertly done knock-off. Your best defense against being duped by a designer double is to research the hallmarks of the designers you’re interested in. For example, if you’re searching for handbags made by a certain label, find out the specifics on what the logo looks like, how the hardware is imprinted and which materials the lining is made from. You can do this by visiting the designer’s store to examine their items up close or by conducting research online.

If full-price designer items are a bit too much for your budget, shopping resale stores is a great way to snag designer duds for a fraction of the retail cost. To make sure you’re getting a true bargain, know what you’re looking for and work with a trusted resale expert.

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