Fire Resistant Jackets for Complete Protection

Fire resistant jackets offer a way to have complete protection. Often times you will see someone that is walking around with FR pants and a short sleeve shirt. You have to wonder whether or not their arms are important enough to them to protect. Fire knows no boundaries. When there is an accident involving anything that can spark a flame you have to be sure that you have as much protection as possible. Not having a FR jacket is just like going to work half dressed.

What are FR Jackets?

Put simply, these jackets create a safe outer layer between you and a fire. They are used in any area where the threat of ignition is present. They are made of materials that are self-extinguishing so if they are exposed to flames they will automatically extinguish reducing the incidence of injury greatly.

Comfort Considerations

For some reason, many people believe that for an FR jacket to be dependable it has to be uncomfortable and bulky, but the opposite is true. You cannot tell the difference between an FR style and a regular styled jacket unless you take a match to it. They are very comfortable and easy to wear. They do not feel any different from a jacket that is not flame resistant. Don’t be put off by mistaken beliefs.

Who Needs One?

Any time you are working in an area outdoors where there is a potential for a fire risk you need this type of clothing. You can stay comfortable and increase your protection by having one of these garments. Some of the industries that can benefit from this clothing option is:

* Welders
* Mechanics
* Electricians
* Anyone that works with electrified equipment

Protecting yourself from bodily harm that can be catastrophic can be as simple as adding an FR jacket to your work gear arsenal. They are highly effective and affordable. Whether you are working in an area that has an open flame, chemical risk or working with materials that can throw a spark you need this added layer of protection. It is a cost effective way to ensure your safety.

It is an easy answer when you are put in the way of harm for your job. Don’t risk your arms to serious painful burns, protect yourself!  It just makes sense to add this comfortable layer to your work gear to ensure that you are safe as possible.

MPE offers a nice selection of fire resistant jackets that can help add that extra layer of protection. Check out MPE today!

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