Tips for Hiring an Entertainment Lawyer Chicago

If you are a singer, dancer, comedian or some other type of entertainer in the Chicago region, it’s likely you will need an entertainment lawyer in the Chicago area that performers can trust. These types of lawyers do things like reviewing your contract, helping you to negotiate a contract, mediate disputes, or handle some kind of lawsuit.

Artists are usually better off hiring an entertainment lawyer because they specialize in the laws that pertain to the entertainment industry and can better work with a performer in a more specialized manner. Here are some tips for hiring an entertainment lawyer in Chicago:

An Entertainment Lawyer in Chicago May Specialize

There are several different types of entertainment lawyers in Chicago. Depending on your needs, there are those that only handle contract negotiations, as well as those who only work with lawsuits against the performer, and those that handle helping the entertainer to get a job. Plus, there are others who will handle all of these things, as well as other attorney related business.

Many times a performer will be able to have his entertainment lawyer in Chicago work with them to handle things unrelated to normal entertainment attorney duties. For instance, they may manage duties such as tax problems, bankruptcy or any criminal charges against the performer. Or, if the client needs something more serious such as a divorce attorney, etc. they may help them to find one.

Finding and Choosing an Entertainment Attorney

If you are a performer in need of an entertainment attorney, it’s best to start your search by getting a referral from a fellow artist. Or, you can hunt for one via online directories such as Nolo’s Lawyer Directory, or look for a local organization or national directory that lists attorneys for hire.

Selecting an entertainment attorney also involves your own personality and style. This is because most people prefer working with someone similar to themselves so they can get along. Plus, you will likely want an attorney who has a bit of clout in your industry, is well-known, has a lot of knowledge, is honest, and who you can afford.

Interviewing an Entertainment Attorney

After choosing a possible entertainment attorney, you need to interview them. You should ask them questions about how they operate, ask for references, ask about costs, ask who else they represent, etc. Plus, if you have a specific duty in mind, ask them how they, for instance, go about negotiating a new contract.

You also need to understand their fees. Most entertainment lawyers charge by the hour, but some have a fixed rate. You may also hire them by paying them a retainer, or regular fee as an advance on future work.

All in all, performers need to hire an entertainment lawyer Chicago artists can trust, and you can determine that by following the above advice.

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