The Ford Fiesta and Chevy Spark are two of the smallest, and cheapest, vehicles on the road today. They are both entry level vehicles for their respective makes, and both can be had for fairly cheap. So, which of these entry-level offerings is the best bang for your buck when looking for a Chevy Spark or Ford Fiesta in Bedford Park? Let’s take a look.

Ford Fiesta

Let’s start this out by saying, the Ford Fiesta has the option of either a sedan or a hatchback. The Chevy Spark, on the other hand, only comes as a hatchback. The Ford Fiesta has more interior room than the Spark, so it should be more comfortable for the driver and any passengers. The Ford Fiesta can also hold one more passenger than the Chevy Spark. The Spark can only seat four while the Fiesta can seat up to five.

The Ford Fiesta has a larger engine than the Chevy. The Ford has a 1.6L four cylinder, and the Chevy has a 1.2L four cylinder. This gives the Ford an edge in highway manners and passing ability.

Chevy Spark

The Chevy Spark cannot compare to the Ford Fiesta when it comes to the interior room or passenger space. It also only comes as a hatchback. However, the Chevy Spark does get better gas mileage than the Ford Fiesta. The Chevy gets 31 city, 39 highway while the Ford Fiesta gets 28 city and 36 highway. The Chevy’s tank is smaller, but you should expect to get around the same distance to a tank with either of them.

Both of these entry level cars are great offerings for their price point, but ultimately the Ford Fiesta is the better vehicle. It does cost a little bit more than the Chevy Spark, but it is a larger vehicle and can hold an extra passenger. Plus, the Ford Fiesta is available as a sedan, which the Chevy is not.