The Long-Term Advantages Of Dental Care For Your Children

Good dental hygiene is essential, but it all starts as a child. You probably don’t remember your parents taking you when you were a baby, but you probably remember more as you grew up. It is important that you do the same for your children to help them understand the long-term advantages of dental care. Your kids will learn the right habits from an early age, which means they’re more likely to continue them into teen and adult-hood.


It seems that everyone you talk to recommends that your children see a dentist at a different age, making it tough to determine the best course of action. The rule of thumb is usually for your child’s first visit at the age of three unless there are complications or concerns before then. However dentists in Walla Walla recommend seeing your child as a baby when their first tooth erupts. It helps to build rapport and establish trust because they’re seeing the same professional from before they can remember.

What Happens?

As babies, the dentist isn’t likely to do much but check the gums and any teeth that are present. As they get older, the dentist will clean them and may provide fluoride, depending on the area and their preferences. Likewise, they will check the teeth to ensure that they are growing correctly and straight, and will also use X-rays to check the teeth, as well.

Dentists can teach your kids how to brush and floss properly, as well as help them determine which toothbrush will suit their needs. These tasks, though seemingly small, will be present with your child throughout their lives. They will brush their teeth the same (and proper) way twice a day because you took the time to take them to the dentist.