Shower doors across America tend to fall into two types: framed and frameless. The former is the traditional kind of shower door common in many Atlanta residences; the latter is a variation that allows greater customization. However, while door types fall into these two major categories, the actual styles of glass available for glass shower doors is more versatile.

Shower Doors: Four Options

Choosing a specific style of door is dependent upon various factors, including personal taste, bathroom size, and the shape and dimensions of the space allotted for the shower. However, the selection of glass offers the chance to explore beyond the traditional and into the unique. Among the possibilities for glass for shower doors in American cities such as Atlanta are the following four:

  1. Clear or Frosted: These are the traditional styles
  2. Hammered: Glass shower doors may fall into this category –textured, decorative, and unique. The glass resembles hammered metal. The interior features its own display as light plays off the pattern of the exterior surface
  3. Rain: A unique type of decorative glass; this style is textured on one side. It provides both privacy and a lovely crystal rain pattern
  4. Tinted: If you are looking for colored glass, this is the option to choose. It comes in a variety of translucent hues suitable for diverse tastes and effects. These range from earthy colors to transparent shades

Glass Shower Doors

The glass you choose for your shower door can define your character. It can reflect your taste. When you choose a specific style for your glass shower doors, you can go traditional, opt for modern, set the tone for the entire bathroom, or make a statement. Whether you opt for traditional glass or run riot with a unique contemporary pattern, it gives you a chance to breathe new life into a tired room and/or present a unified look to one of the most used rooms in your Atlanta home.