Minimize Glass Repair in Silver Spring, MD With Good Cleaning Tips

If dirt or debris is not cleaned off windshields, it can cause damage like micro-abrasions. The problem may only get worse, eventually requiring glass repair in Silver Spring, MD. This is the reason the following cleaning tips are important, but if you need repairs, contact Beltway Auto & Plate Glass by phone, on the website.

Tips to Clean Windshields

The following should keep your windshields clean.

  • Protect the dashboard with cleaning cloths because glass cleaners can stain your dashboard.
  • Use only glass cleaners on glass because they are ammonia-free, which won’t discolor tints.
  • Get a glass cleaning tool to reach those little edges.
  • Start cleaning and remember to wipe vertically before switching to horizontal wipe downs.
  • Clean the outside using a microfiber cloth to avoid damage. Dry vertically and then horizontally.

Any tough areas may need a little help from your glass repair in Silver Spring, MD. A professional is going to use a special cleaner and something like a clay bar to remove caked on stains you can’t remove yourself. Have your windshield inspected thoroughly to make sure nothing is wrong. This can prevent more costly more repairs or replacement.

Beltway Auto & Plate Glass has been focused on the Silver Spring community, doing its best to care for people’s needs, and you can set up your auto glass care appointment by visiting Sitename. As mentioned earlier, you can also connect with us on Facebook when you’re ready.