Four Tips to Consider When Hiring Local Movers in Connecticut

Moving is a lengthy process that takes a lot of time and effort. Even if the actual moving is done with the help of movers, there is still a lot that goes into the process before and after. From packing, to changing addresses and information, and unpacking afterward, moving involves quite a bit. Local Movers in Connecticut can help make the process go smoother, as long as these four tips are considered.

Keep Important Items on Hand

Any important items that are needed immediately should not be left in the care of movers. This is especially true if the movers will be picking up from a nearby Connecticut address, and dropping off at a faraway location. Important items necessary to have on hand need to be kept with the person moving.

Pack Liquid Items in the Car

Many people think that movers can transport anything they want them to. This is not the case. There are certain products, especially liquid ones, that movers are not able to handle. Things like cleaning solutions, paint, and even gas from the lawn mower needs to be handled by the customer and put in their own vehicle. They can not be taken in the moving truck.

Let the Movers Pack the Mirrors

Anyone with mirrors or large picture frames should let movers know they need to be packed. This way, the movers will bring professional quality storage containers capable of keeping the mirrors safe. These mirror cartons will keep items safe and secure, and ensure they do not get broken while being moved.

Have All Appliances Unplugged

Before the movers show up to help, it is important that all appliances are already unplugged. Movers can not touch any wires or cords. The customer must disconnect any refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, or other appliances on their own. Once unplugged, the movers are then able to transport them.

Local Movers in Connecticut are available to make the move go smoother, but they are not able to handle the entire move. There are certain restrictions that apply that customers need to be aware of before doing any hiring. As long as these four tips are followed, the move should be relatively trouble-free. Anyone looking to move that has considered these tips can contact Augliera Moving And Storage for further information on the moving process and what it entails.

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