The Cost of Key Replacement in Tulsa

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Locksmith

People have an uncanny ability to lose their car keys, and prior to 1990 or so, it wasn’t really a big deal. Back then, a driver could get a key cut at a locksmith or a neighborhood hardware store. However, because keys were so easy to copy, cars were easy to steal; technology has made auto theft more difficult, but now people are paying more for replacement keys. Below is a breakdown of the costs of Key Replacement in Tulsa, along with ways to lower the expense.

Keys & Key Fob

Basic keys, like the ones used up until the mid 1990s, have no security features other than they way they are cut. These keys are easy to copy and locksmiths need no extra equipment to make them. Basic keys cost less than $5 from a locksmith, and slightly more if bought from a dealership. On modern cars, electronic key fobs are an important part of the set. At a dealership, the cost to replace a fob can be up to $100, depending on the manufacturer or the fob’s design complexity.

Transponder (Chip) Keys

After the mid-1990s, automakers began putting transponders in the heads of keys. The chip sends a signal to a receiver in the car’s ignition; if the receiver detects the wrong signal, the car won’t start. The shank on a transponder key is either basic or laser cut, and the transponder must be programmed before use. Some dealers charge for this service, while others do not, and most locksmiths can do it as well.

Laser Cut Keys

Laser cut keys are distinguishable from conventional keys because the shank is thicker and has fewer grooves. These keys also have transponders, and must be programmed by a locksmith or at the dealership. Including labor, the cost to replace a laser cut key can be up to $250.

Modern keys are costly, and there’s no way to avoid the expense except to avoid losing keys. If a driver loses their only set of keys, it could cost thousands to get the car towed, rekeyed and repaired. It is better to get a spare key now than in the middle of an emergency. For help with Key Replacement in Tulsa, visit today.

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