Frequently Asked Questions About Feline Nutrition And Cat Food In Corvallis OR

Cat owners want to provide their feline companions with the best nutrition possible. Kittens that eat a healthy diet when they’re young and continue to eat nutritious foods into their adulthood will grow up to be healthy cats. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about feline nutrition and the importance of purchasing cat food in Corvallis OR from a professional pet shop.

Q.) What is the recommended amount of food that a cat should eat every day?

A.) The nutritional needs of every cat is different and the amount of food that a cat needs each day depends on the animal’s metabolism, age and the cat’s exercise level. To determine the correct amount of food, a cat owner should follow the directions of the feeding chart that’s listed on the cat food bag or can. The amount of cat food that’s recommended is often determined by the cat’s weight. Cat owners should feed the required amount of food that’s listed on the bag and then adjust it to the needs of each cat.

Q.) How much food should a cat that’s overweight get fed in a day?

A.) If your cat is overweight, this can cause the animal to have various health problems including heart disease, diabetes and breathing issues. To get the excess pounds off your cat, gradually reduce the amount of food that’s fed during the day by about 25 percent and limit treats. An overweight cat needs plenty of exercise and pet owners should make sure the animal gets around 15 to 20 minutes of exercise every day.

Q.) What is the best type of cat food to buy that’s healthy for a cat?

A.) There are many kinds of nutritious and healthy cat foods that can be purchased at a professional pet shop that sells Cat Food in Corvallis OR. Cat owners can look at the nutrition information on the food bags and a knowledgeable employee can help cat owners choose the best food for their feline companion.

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