Signs that Gutter Repair in CT is Needed

There is no question that the gutters on a home are an important part of the drainage system. They help to direct the water away from the exterior walls of the home, the doors and windows and the foundation. This prevents the water from coming inside. While cleaning the gutters a few times each year will help to enhance the longevity of the system, the majority of gutters will have to be either repaired or replaced at some time to help and protect the home. To determine when Gutter Repair in CT is needed use the tips here.

Splits or Cracks of Any Type

While smaller cracks in the gutters may not be a large issue, they can grow and eventually turn into larger ones. If the cracks continue without treatment, then the water may damage the gutters more. This can also lead to damage to the fascia boards under the gutters, the shingles over the gutters and even the foundation under the gutters.

Paint that is Peeling Around or On the Gutters

Another sign that Gutter Repair in CT is needed is if peeling paint is noticed. Unless the gutters are very old, orange flecks can be an indication that damage is present. In most cases, this will result in the need to have the gutters replaced, since there is no way to reverse this damage.

Pools of Water or Mildew Near the Foundation

Gutters are specifically designed to keep water flowing away from the foundation of the home. If a homeowner begins to notice mildew or pools of water close to the foundation, then it may be an indication that the gutters are not working as they should. This may be caused by a clog or a defect in the actual gutter. Regardless of the reason for the issue, it is important to call for service or repairs right away.

Take some time to inspect the gutters on a regular basis. For more information, contact the professionals at V. Nanfito Roofing & Siding Inc. Doing so will help to ensure that the gutters continue to work as intended and will let the homeowner when repairs or replacement are necessary.

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