Frosted Glass Water Bottles Are an Exceptional and Healthy Work of Art

The look of frosted glass water bottles is beautiful; there is no doubt about that. Using a reusable water bottle eases the burden on your budget as well as the environment. They are a practical and stylish choice for drinking water that is dish-washer safe and durable. You can take frosted glass water bottles with you when you work out to make sure you know which water bottle is yours, the most beautiful one! There are other uses for frosted glass water bottles that include the following:

* Colored sand art
* Rock art
* Flower vases
* Scented oil decanters
* Creating your own décor with personalized etching
* Gifts
* Weddings
* Birthdays
* Anniversaries
* Holidays

The Artistic Uses of Frosted Glass Bottles

You could make sand art in your customized frosted glass bottle. It would be a beautiful addition to your décor at home or in the office. You could give them as gifts to your friends and family, as well. They can also be filled with beautifully polished rocks sold in stores. Frosted glass bottles are a form of art by themselves, but when you add colored rocks to them they become a piece of custom art! You may want to use one color for each layer, or mix them up for a different view each time the sun shines on it. You can also display beautiful flowers in them and treat them as a vase that is out of the ordinary. It gives a bouquet of flowers a special flair. Not only will people notice the flowers, they will notice the “vase” too.

Create Your Own Glass Bottle Designs with Personalized Etching

The true purpose of frosted glass bottles is to hold water so you can easily drink from it. Glass is better than plastic when it comes to storing water, and is more eco-friendly. They are more than just decoration alone. When you consider that plastic bottles are posing a risk to the environment concerning their disposal, glass is a better and more economical choice. Not to mention the chemicals that plastic possess, making it a drinking vessel fraught with the potential to cause health issues. Glass bottles made from non-crystalline material are 100% safe and reusable. Add the ability to customize glass bottles with personalized etching and you have a beautiful bottle that can be washed and re-purposed for many different reasons.

When you are ready to purchase a unique gift such as frosted glass water bottles contact RainaWater. They can help you design one of a kind glass bottles for you and your family.

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