Sewer Repair Involves Tackling Plumbing Problems Beneath the Surface

There’s a lot going on beneath the ground around your home that can’t be seen. An intricate plumbing system serves your home, but most homeowners take for granted that it’s doing what it needs to do. It can be devastating when sewage that should be exiting your home, ends up coming back inside. Professional plumbers understand the urgency to fix a sewage problem the moment it surfaces. They are the experts home and business owners turn to for everything from dripping faucets to complicated sewer repair.

Determining the Cause of Sewer Problems

The most common method used to determine a problem before performing a sewer repair is a drain camera. An experienced plumber will feed a camera down the drain closest to a suspected blockage in order to diagnose a problem. There are many things that could cause a sewer system to deteriorate:

* Tree roots. When a pipe breaks and water leaks into the ground around it, tree roots will work their way towards the water. They won’t stop at the wet ground around the broken pipe. They will wrap themselves around or inside the pipe itself.
* A joint in the pipe that has separated. A sewer system consists of pieces of pipe that are joined together. As the earth shifts over time, pipes can separate at the joint or break, causing a ridge or gap where debris can collect and clog.
* Crushed pipe. Changes in landscaping, such as heavy rocks, can put excessive weight on a lawn. When the ground on top of the pipe shifts, it can cause sections of the pipe to cave in or sink to a lower level. Any change to the flow of the sewage system can result in a blockage or a disruption of the flow of water.
* Corroded pipes. Depending on the age of a home, some older sewer pipes made of cast iron can corrode, which causes debris to get trapped on the rough metal, leading to a pipe blockage.

Preventative Measures to Take if Possible

Although most homeowners have little control over sewer issues, there are a few things that can be done to try to prevent the need for sewer repair. If you are purchasing a home, ask how old the plumbing is, inside the house as well as outside. If you are planting trees, try to keep them as far away from the sewage line as possible and don’t plant large gardens or use heavy decorative rocks on top of your sewer pipes. Thinking before you dig or plant is a step in the right direction to prevent possible sewer damage from occurring.

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