Gable Top Cartons for Cost Effectiveness

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Packaging

We’re all familiar with the gable top carton, as it’s the traditional container for milk. Today, however, the gable top carton is used for many other products in addition to milk, including other liquids, powdered foods, and snack foods. These cartons are convenient, easy to store and easy to reclose. They also come in a variety of sizes.

But, there’s another reason gable top cartons make sense for packaging your food product. These offer one of the most inexpensive packaging options available in the industry today. Made from inexpensive materials, these are also quick and easy to manufacture. This means you have very little additional packaging cost in your product, helping you to keep costs low for your customers, too.

If your company is just starting out, gable top cartons make sense for packaging. You’ll find several different companies that can manufacture these for you, and you won’t have a lot of upfront packaging costs as you get your business going. Gable top cartons are also made from materials that accept a wide range of graphics and colors, so you can ensure your product packaging looks as good as if you’d spent far more to purchase it.

Your food packaging manufacturer can design a gable top carton specifically for your needs, including the graphics and colors you desire. Then, the cartons can be shipped to you for packaging your food. The turnaround is usually fast but do talk with your manufacturer about specific details for designing and manufacturing your cartons.

Gable top containers offer many great options, particularly for new companies. These packages are easy to find from manufacturers, inexpensive to purchase and make a safe container for many different types of foods. Talk with your carton manufacturing company about using gable top cartons for your products.

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