General Contractors in Madison, WI – What is Design-Bid-Build?

General contractors in Madison, WI can choose to use one of several delivery methods for their services. One of the most common methods is known as design-bid-build or DBB. Here is how the process works.


With a DBB delivery method, the project design comes first. A project designer may take some time to form the plans and get them completed. In the past, professional architects used paper, pencil, and measuring tools for most of their work. Today’s designers have the benefits of three-dimensional software programs. This lets the client take part in the design process, and it is very easy to make changes before general contractors in Madison WI begin the work.


Project owners often place their projects up for bid. However, there are two basic types of bidding processes. With open bidding, any general contractors in Madison, WI can place a bid. Usually, the lowest bid gets the job. Yet, some people may only want specific contractors bidding on the work, and this is a closed bid process.

If a construction company gets the bid, they may hire several subcontractors for jobs like HVAC systems, concrete work, electrical, or roofing, for example. Subcontractors may bid on these jobs.

A project owner does not have to accept the lowest bid for work. In fact, he or she may choose not to select any company, resubmit the bidding process after some design changes, or kill the project.


Finally, the construction phase can begin. The contractor must get all the necessary permits for the project. The construction supervisor often works with the architect to make sure the project is going as designed. Both contractor and subcontractors work together until the project is completed. Several things may happen during the construction process, and the owner may mitigate some risks with, of course, construction insurance and other risk management strategies.

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