A Pediatric Clinic in Starkville MS Provides Many Services

Children have a natural curiosity which causes them to explore and test everything they see. While curiosity can be a good thing, children may catch a cold or another ailment from the people they come in contact with. They may also become injured while testing their ability to conquer something new. Whether it’s an illness, an accident, or time for a wellness exam, it’s important for a child to be seen at a pediatric clinic in Starkville MS. The caring doctors and staff members provide a wide range of services so that children can continue to explore the world around them.

Clinic Services

A pediatric clinic in Starkville MS offers innovative treatment with an old-fashioned approach. Clinic doctors and team members are friendly and compassionate, and they take the time to listen to every patient. The clinic handles all aspects of a growing child, including wellness checkups, sick visits, diagnostic testing, and unexpected emergencies that sometimes occur. They are an all-inclusive doctor’s office that provides a wide range of services, such as ADHD testing, allergy shots, ear, nose and throat treatment, diabetes management, gastroenterology care, and even sports physicals.

Wellness Care

Every child should be seen by a doctor at least once a year, even if they are continually healthy. A wellness exam can check to make sure that there are no hidden issues that could negatively affect a youngster without warning. Wellness care checks a child’s growth and development and may include routine blood work and a urinalysis to look for any possible problems that cannot be seen visually. Some wellness exams also include hearing, vision, or screening tests, such as diabetic or ADHD testing that a doctor may deem necessary.

Sick Visits

When a child is ill, it’s important for them to be examined by a doctor, especially if the illness is accompanied by a high fever. Attending to an ailment early on may keep it from progressing and turning into something much worse. When a child is sick, a parent or guardian should call a doctor’s office early, since appointments fill up quickly, and an ill child should be seen right away.

A healthy child will always want to explore and try new things, so maintaining a strong body and mind are especially important during the growing years. Schedule an appointment soon for a wellness checkup or any issue that may be of concern.

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