Get Affordable Bail Bonds in Tempe AZ Any Time of Day or Night

It’s often the case that you or a loved one requires a bail bond at any time of day or night. Affordable bail bonds Tempe AZ are available 24/7, letting you bond out of jail as quickly as possible. Here’s a basic rundown of the process.

Fast, Professional & Flexible

A friend, family member or your attorney can obtain a bail bond for you at any time of day. Courts require you to pay a minimum of 10 percent of your total bail. To obtain a bail bond, you pay the bond agent an additional fee of 10 to 15 percent. You can pay with cash or with a credit card. The court recognizes credit and debit as cash, which your bond agent presents to the court on your behalf.

Affordable bail bonds in Tempe AZ

If you don’t have the full 10 percent of your bail or the bond agent’s fee, there are some wonderful options worth considering. You can use collateral as a guarantee of payment in the event of a failure to appear.

Different agents designate their own forms of qualifying collateral. Flexible bond agents often accept cars, houses, credit cards, jewelry and electronics. You can also use firearms as a form of collateral to procure affordable bail bonds in Tempe AZ.

To help you pay the bond agent’s fee there are financing options. Each arrangement is different, but most arrangements include paying the bond agent’s fee in installments using cash, debit or credit. You can also pre-arrange to obtain a bail bond in advance if you have open warrants. This lets you minimize or even avoid jail time.