Get Disability Benefits When You Can No Longer Work in Knoxville, TN

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Social Security Attorneys

Social Security Disability Insurance is available to workers who develop a disability and can’t work anymore. They must apply with the Social Security Administration to get started. If the agency denies your claim, working with a disability attorney in Knoxville helps you file for an appeal.

The Facts About Your Disability

Your disability attorney in Knoxville needs to know how your disability affects your life and ability to work. When reviewing medical records, an attorney may look for details that stop you from working in any industry and not just the industry in which you are used to working. For example, to get SSDI, you cannot work anywhere, and your disability must prevent you from getting a different job.

Did You Receive a Settlement from Your Employer?

Work-related injuries require the employer to file a claim through their insurer. If the disability resulted from a work-related injury, a claimant might receive a settlement from their employer. An attorney needs these details when starting a disability appeal.

Occupational Rehabilitation Services

Many claimants start the occupational rehabilitation program to get training for a new career. Whenever possible, the SSA offers services to help disabled workers find a new way to support themselves and re-enter the workforce. The programs may include college programs and further educational pursuits that a government agency pays for to help the claimant.

Social Security disability claims open the door to financial benefits for anyone with a disability. By getting the monthly benefits, the claimant can support themselves financially and could get a whole new lease on life. Contact Drozdowski & Rabin, PLLC about your disability case or visit for more information.

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