If you live in the Glendale, Arizona Area and Need help With the Social Security Disability Program

You have worked hard your whole life and then you had a serious auto accident and now you are unable to work at your job or any other one either. Yes, you have some savings that you hoped would get you through your retirement year but they will not be adequate starting from now, instead of having a paycheck.

You have been told by your children that there is a social security disability program that could provide you with an income to compensate for your no longer being able to work.

Because you live in Arizona you know that you need to find Glendale disability lawyers to help you with the required paperwork. You have been advised by a number of people that trying to complete this process on your own is not a good way to go. This has made you realize that you need great Glendale disability lawyers.

You want to set a free consultation to see if you are a good fit with the lawyers you hope to hire. You want a law firm with many years of experience and attorneys who have had a lot of success dealing with the Social Security Administration. You know that the initial rejection rate for disability through Social Security is high and you want lawyers who will stick with you throughout the process until you are granted the funds you need to survive.

The lawyers you should hire should dedicate a staff member to be your liaison with the firm and who you can call at any step in the process to check up on where you stand.

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