Get Help with Living Expenses During a Divorce with a Spousal Support Lawyer in Stroudsburg, PA

When a marriage is on the verge of collapse, an endless cycle of issues tends to run through the minds of those involved. Fear, sadness, anger, resentment and regret often lead this circle of thought, but finances do work their way into the mix. These days, two steady incomes are barely enough to make ends meet, so suddenly dropping to a single paycheck is bound to create a struggle.

Contrary to what many believe, enlisting the help of a spousal support lawyer in Stroudsburg, PA isn’t about greed or revenge in most cases. Instead, it’s a matter of survival. This allotment is designed to help the lower-income member of a divorcing couple cover basic necessities. Perhaps one spouse worked part-time during the marriage while the other held down a full-time job; or one pursued a career whereas the other was devoted to taking care of the children and their family home. The full-time partner would be the payer.

The amount of support to which a spouse is entitled is based on a number of factors. Income of both parties, reasonable living expenses, and the circumstances surrounding each person’s living situation are among the most important. Spousal support isn’t automatically granted to everyone who seeks this benefit. For example, if the person requesting financial aid from a spouse could be considered responsible for the divorce, they wouldn’t be eligible.

In some cases, being granted support isn’t the most difficult phase of the process. Understandably, the party required to pay isn’t always willing to do so. A spousal support lawyer in Stroudsburg, PA can help here, as well. In addition to deeming a client worthy of support, calculating the amount and bringing the matter before the court, an attorney can aid in ensuring this financial obligation is upheld.

Spousal support is typically awarded early in the divorce proceedings and helps the recipient make ends meet until assets have been divided. Child custody, visitation and support issues have been solved and the process has been finalized. From that point forward, financial awards for the spouse’s living expenses are referred to as alimony. Contact Erik Conrad, Attorney at Law, to schedule a consultation and learn more about the process.

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