Get The Necessary Pump Repairs In Merritt Island FL For Your Septic System

Do you have a foul smell coming from your yard near the septic system or from the drain pipes in your home? Have drains been emptying slower than normal? A failing septic pump can cause a hazardous condition inside and outside of a home. However, regular maintenance to a septic system can eliminate expensive repairs in the future. If maintenance hasn’t been performed, a call for Pump Repairs in Merritt Island FL is in order. Septic systems are designed to work through the use of gravity. The flat geography of the area limits a septic’s ability to drain on its own.

Many septic systems have a pump to push the sewage out of the tank to the next phase of disposal. Some systems have a basin that collects the waste and pushes it through the waste line. As the water level rises, a floating switch should activate the pump. If a sewage ejection pump fails, a nasty mess can quickly develop. If the ball is floating properly, another thing that can be checked is the breaker. If the breaker is working, a call for Pump Repairs in Merritt Island FL is in order.

Septic systems are often taken for granted until there’s a serious problem with the backup of sewage in a home or it’s bubbling up in the yard. Regular maintenance, including pumping of the holding tank and spacing the laundry out over a few days, can help improve the life of a septic system. Limiting the solids put into the system can also help. Food products from a garbage disposal, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, and other items should not be flushed into a septic system. These products do not break down quickly and can cause clogs in the system. An aerator system requires regular maintenance to prevent jet from becoming clogged or a buildup to harden on them.

Don’t let your home become uninhabitable because of a septic system when routine maintenance can keep the waste flowing properly away from a home or business. Remember to have your tank pumped regularly, and the pumps checked yearly. For more information about septic installation and repairs, please visit