Hire an Employment Attorney After Workplace DIscrimination Takes Place

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Attorney

Those subjected to workplace discrimination should know their rights. Depending on the case’s complexity, hiring an employment attorney for help throughout the legal process can increase the chance of a favorable outcome. Below are a few important factors for employees to consider when deciding whether to hire an Employment Attorney.

What an Attorney Can Do

If a terminated employee believes they have been discriminated against, they may be angry but they may not know where to start. An employment attorney can help clients determine the validity of the claim and they can recommend an appropriate course of action for the client to take.

Assessing the Employer’s Discriminatory Practices

Not every instance of unfair treatment can be considered discriminatory. For discrimination to occur, the worker must fall into a class protected under state or federal law. While some categories are more obvious than others, an employment attorney can help a client determine their membership in a protected class.

Gathering and Presenting Evidence

It can be difficult to prove that an employer has willfully discriminated against an employee, because most companies do not overtly perform discriminatory actions. It’s up to the client and his or her attorney to gather evidence sufficient to convince a jury or judge that the employer’s actions were discriminatory. For instance, if a worker was fired for poor performance but past performance reviews were exemplary, there may be evidence of discriminatory motives.

Performing a Cost/Benefit Analysis

A primary benefit of hiring an Employment Attorney is that they can use their experience to perform a cost/benefit analysis on the case. The attorney can walk the client through the case’s strong and weak points, the cost of a trial and the likelihood of recovering damages. An attorney can assess the potential for success and help the client make an informed decision.

It is normal to feel powerless after being mistreated or terminated. However, an employment attorney can help clients retake some of their power by providing the information necessary to take action after an employer’s discrimination. By hiring a lawyer with chrisrichardattorney.com, a client can level the playing field between themselves and the employer.

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