Getting Answers About Molds From Mold Remediation Experts in Pittsburgh PA

There are a lot of questions that property owners can ask mold remediation experts in Pittsburgh PA. One of the first questions people often have been about mold growth. They want to know what causes it. What exactly can make a home more susceptible to mold growth? Humidity is vital for mold growth. The more, the better. Molds also love it when the temperature is warm as an opposed to cool. Mold spores can tolerate dry conditions, but the spores require moisture to grow. Spores are can be found all over properties. The spores just need the right conditions to activate them.

Property owners might ask Mold Remediation Experts in Pittsburgh PA how can people be affected by molds. Different people will react differently to mold exposure. There are some individuals who have extreme reactions to molds. They may get severe skin and eye irritation. Some may even develop problems breathing. Fever may also be present in some people with severe reactions to molds. When people are exposed to molds for an extended period of time, they may develop chronic conditions that can be serious. People who have certain chronic conditions may also be more sensitive to the different molds that exist.

There are ways that people can deal with minor mold problems without calling in professional help. Monitoring and controlling humidity levels is usually the first thing that is recommended. Since dehumidifiers aren’t expensive, this is something most property owners can easily do. Experts who deal with mold also recommended increasing airflow in areas that are prone to mold growth. There are also paints that have actual mold inhibitors in them. Wet carpeting should be dried immediately, or mold can start growing.

If mold is found growing on a hard surface of a home, it can be removed by using a bleach mixture to clean the surface. A half cup of bleach mixed with a half gallon of water is enough to clean a small area of mold. If mold is found in multiple areas, a remediation expert should be called in to assess the severity of the problem.

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