Help Reduce Misconduct Complaints of Police with Body Cameras

One of the biggest problems with complaints against police has always been having proof. When a complaint is made there is only the voice of the officer and the victim who filed the complaint against them. Police fall under intense scrutiny from people who film them with phone cameras that can later be used against them. The problem is the person recording may not capture the whole incident and can easily edit their footage to benefit them, making the office look bad. Law enforcement body cameras are a solution to this problem. The cameras that are worn on the officer’s uniform or head can record the real-time events as they fold out. The footage can be viewed later to help evaluate the situation to determine if the on-duty officer handled it properly.

Advantages of Officers Wearing Body Cameras

In the first year of officers using body cameras the amount of complaints against law enforcement made by citizens decreased by 88%. There was also a 60% decline in the reports of police using unnecessary force on people. When people are aware they are being recorded they tend to act differently when they think no one will witness their actions. With the tiny cameras officers are more accountable for their actions and prevent them from using misconduct. They are valuable for obtaining vital evidence to be used in the courtroom during a trial that can either help punish or free a defendant. The footage can also help speed up the court proceedings if they provide enough indisputable proof of the incident. This can help reduce court cost when more cases are settled outside of the courtroom.

Password Protected to Prevent Tampering

Other recording devices can be tampered with by either deleting the footage or editing the material to make it appear a certain way. Since a body camera is protected by a password the chances of losing the video or it becoming manipulated. This increases the chance of receiving accurate second by second details of the incident that is in question. A one-touch button, the device is simple to activate even in the most hectic situations to make sure the officer records every detail. Able to capture several hours of video and audio, you will find that with these body cameras you can aid in protecting your officers and the community better than before.

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