Giving Dental Patients the Best Oral Care They Can Get with Smile Makeovers in Ypsilanti MI

Individuals discontented with their smiles can make plans to get complete dental transformation procedures at smile makeovers in Ypsilanti MI. Cosmetic dentists can mend a variety of aesthetic oral issues that include replacing an entire set of teeth. Dental implants can reclaim a smile by replacing anywhere from a few to a whole row of teeth. Complications with chewing food and speaking can arise with teeth absent from the mouth. Loss of form and contours of the face that give a person unique features can disappear.

Getting a dental implant is a procedure that permanently replaces teeth with titanium posts that do the same job tooth roots do. Porcelain crowns are appended to the posts. Dental implants look identical to a healthy natural smile of straight teeth. Implants remain in good condition with an attentive personal hygiene regimen.

Teeth that are misshaped or slightly misaligned can be concealed with porcelain veneers. Dental patients with teeth that are discolored, oddly shaped, or has unsightly gaps are good candidates for veneers. The dentist removes a small amount of surface enamel to make room for the overlay. Custom-made veneers are manufactured in a laboratory for the patient to wear by Smile Makeovers in Ypsilanti MI.

Some people avoid the dental care they need because of anxiety and fear felt during dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is available to patients to allay fears of the dentist. Patients take safe and effective medication to relax their nerves. Treatment is administered by either IV or oral encapsulated medication. Sedation dentistry calms and relaxes patients while they remain completely conscious and able to respond to simple commands.

There are grooves in the teeth that might be unreachable with brushing and flossing. Sealants are a secondary defense mechanism for tooth decay. It’s a plastic adhesive that bonds to the grooves of teeth. The surface of the teeth become smooth and slick so bacteria and food residue can’t hide in grooves and other unreachable areas. Sealants are mostly recommended for children, but adults can benefit from them just the same. Even with the most scrupulous brushing and flossing, plaque can build up in areas that are harder to reach and clean. Some plaque buildup may be unavoidable without sealants. Schedule an appointment with a dentist to set up a personalized oral care plan.

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