The Pros And Cons Of Bunion Surgery

Bunion pain can be unbearable. Experts say bunions are a result of wearing shoes that are too tight. Additionally, the problem can run in families. That is because family members have the same bone structure. Bunions occur when the bone at the base of a big toe grows. As a result, the big toe starts leaning towards the other toes. The bone gets so big that it rubs against shoes and gets irritated. Over time, the area becomes inflamed and the skin gets thinner. Occasionally, the big toe overlaps another toe. The condition leads to other foot problems like hammer toes.

Eventually, arthritis may develop in the area of the bunion. This further aggravates the condition and walking may become difficult. Contact the website for more information. Doctors try many conservative methods before recommending Bunion Surgery. There are bunion pads that work well to block pressure and pain caused by friction. Some doctors think fixing other foot problems, like corns and calluses, slows the bunion’s growth. Additionally, custom insoles help make walking more comfortable. Younger people may try splints that are worn at night. The splints help to slowly bring the toes and joint back into place. Of course, one should try to wear the most comfortable footwear possible. One shoe company makes a tennis shoe with a slot inside for bunions.

If the pain gets too severe, Bunion Surgery may be necessary. During a bunionectomy, the surgeon cuts into the toe joint and removes the excess bone. Next, they try and re-position the toes. Wires and screws may be used to connect the toes. The procedure takes about an hour and is usually done with a local anesthetic. Many people try and avoid the surgery because it takes at least six weeks to recover. Further, it may take up to twelve months for maximum healing. Initially, patients have limited mobility and the foot may be in a cast. Patients may not be allowed to put weight on the foot for several weeks. After recovering, most people say their foot is back to normal. The recovery is difficult, but it pays off in the long run.

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