Handshake Deals are a Bad Idea

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Law

There might have been a time in Charlotte when deals were done on a handshake, and some instances where they might still be done with someone you know and trust. However, handshakes are by and large not enforceable or admissible in a court of law. When you are making a business contract or starting a small business as an LLC, going with an experienced business contract lawyer is always your best bet. Don’t depend on handshake deals – consult with an attorney and cover all your bases from the word go.

Law is Not a DIY Job

When you’re putting together a contract or a small business, there is no one-size fits all, and no picking three from column A and two from column B. Getting the right start in contract negotiations and other business law areas means that you need someone who knows the law inside and out. This protects you in the event that a business relationship goes south, a part entered into an agreement in bad faith, or in the event that you end up facing a suit that could ruin your business. The law protects you, and lawyers know the law.

How to Find an Attorney

Consultations with an attorney can give you a better idea of your legal standing – where you are vs. where you need to be. Look for an attorney who offers free consultations, and who has a depth of experience in business law in the state and county. Local regulations can be tricky, and you’ll need someone to guide you through. Never discount how important reviews can be – though it is important to keep in mind that for every one-star or five-star that you see, there’s a dozen perfectly satisfactory ones that you don’t. Get your paperwork together and happy hunting!

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